It is not easy for early-stage ventures to scale in sectors that are deeply entrenched in government bureaucracy. Decisive Point engages directly with startups, helps them navigate through the federal acquisitions process, and de-risks investment in companies doing business with the U.S. Government.

Innovation warfare

Our model starts with building deep partnerships with early-stage companies and supporting their growth by leveraging the scale of the federal market. By design, our advisory practice is extremely founder-friendly, making us easy to work with and granting us unique access to great companies with mission alignment and a shared vision from the start. Our advisory practice ensures that we are exposed to transformative technologies earlier than most investors, allowing us to play a meaningful part in a company’s growth and build strong relationships with founders.
New Venture Support
Engage with stakeholders, grow with government funding, and leverage the scale of the U.S. Government to launch your technology in the federal market and identify government funding opportunities that help your business grow.
Expertise in innovative and flexible government contracting strategies used to make the transition from R&D to larger, long-term federal acquisitions opportunities.
Full-service government contracting team to support entry into the federal market, including compliance, opportunity screening, proposal writing, negotiations, contract administration.
Understand the specific challenges, missions, roles and responsibilities of government agencies to find product-mission fit between commercial solutions and Government needs.
Program Management
Ensure successful implementation and delivery of contract requirements and position for expansion of contract scope and value.
Communicate successes in the federal market, demonstrate value to government customers, and create alignment with strategic initiatives and appropriated funding; see beyond the curve of federal market trends.

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