Innovation for Government and Defense

Decisive Point helps founders navigate the complexities of the federal market.

Our mission is to support founders who have the guts to try; the ones who look at challenges facing the country and our communities and see problems worth solving. We support our clients as they navigate the federal market and invest in those that deliver solutions to both commercial customers and the nation. Our efforts serve the interests of the United States and create long-term value for our investors.



New Venture Support
Engage with stakeholders, grow with government funding, and leverage the scale of the U.S. Government to launch your technology in the federal market and identify government funding opportunities that help your business grow.
Expertise in innovative and flexible government contracting strategies used to make the transition from R&D to larger, long-term federal acquisitions opportunities.
Full-service government contracting team to support entry into the federal market, including compliance, opportunity screening, proposal writing, negotiations, contract administration.
Understand the specific challenges, missions, roles and responsibilities of government agencies to find product-mission fit between commercial solutions and Government needs.
Program Management
Ensure successful implementation and delivery of contract requirements and position for expansion of contract scope and value.
Communicate successes in the federal market, demonstrate value to government customers, and create alignment with strategic initiatives and appropriated funding; see beyond the curve of federal market trends.



With deep expertise in government acquisitions, Decisive Point partners with startups in the federal procurement process, gaining valuable insights into future revenue and growth potential in government and commercial markets. By providing investment capital early, de-risked by persistent firsthand exposure to the company and their government business, Decisive Point unlocks value and preferential terms, remaining engaged in the venture’s future growth trajectory.
Decisive Point's advisory model creates value and investor confidence in early-stage technologies with applications in government and defense. We have a robust pipeline of companies we’ve guided through the federal acquisitions process, driving growth, and providing access to meaningful long-term revenue opportunities. As trusted advisors, our incentives are aligned and aimed at creating long term value from the start.
Public Safety
Health + Human Service
We are trusted partners to great companies, providing critical industry expertise in capturing non-dilutive funding for R&D and larger government contracts for business expansion. We don’t just understand our partner’s business, we are part of their growth strategy and are deeply involved in securing their revenue opportunities in the federal market. We understand the needs of the government and the challenges associated with the adoption of new technologies at scale because we’ve been in the fight, both as those working to acquire new technologies and as those on the tip of the spear daring greatly for the United States. These insights allow us to see beyond the curve, identifying product-market fit in government, indicators of imminent contract award, and emerging opportunities for acquisition. Our unique model helps Decisive Point to confidently assess investment potential, reduce risk, and enhance returns for our investors.

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