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Decisive Point invests in technologies across aerospace & defense, health & human services, energy, and critical infrastructure.

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With deep expertise in government acquisitions, Decisive Point partners with startups in the federal procurement process, gaining valuable insights into future revenue and growth potential in government and commercial markets.
By providing investment capital early, de-risked by persistent firsthand exposure to the company and their government business, Decisive Point unlocks value and preferential terms, remaining engaged in the venture’s future growth trajectory.


Formerly known as Kittyhawk, Aloft is the market leader in drone airspace systems & UTM technologies. Our solutions make it easy to fly safely and operate compliantly at scale. Our dynamic airspace platform connects the largest drone network — spanning recreational users, enterprise customers, regulators, and UTM partners across the globe.

Asylon is the only full-service American robotic perimeter security company. Leveraging American-Made drones, robotics, advanced sensors, and AI, Asylon is automating security operations for its customers and partners. Using pre-programmed patrols, autonomous alarm response protocols, and automated battery swap systems, Asylon's DroneCore system is able to deploy and support customers with unprecedented ISR and automated response capabilities.

Firestorm is creating a new class of low-cost, vertically integrated, loitering munitions systems, delivering a vital capability for the modern hyper-enabled battlefield. The advanced aerial weapons system is defined by a patent-pending building block design that offers highly-desirable modularity and precision payload delivery.

Flightwave was founded by two Stanford PhDs and early SpaceX employees to create aerospace systems for professional aerial data collection in hard to reach places. Innovating in airframe, propulsion and power systems, Flightwave’s novel unmanned aerial system flies further, faster, and longer than existing systems at a fraction of the cost.

Austin, Texas-based LIFT Aircraft is making aviation history, launching the world’s first experientially-focused business based on an entirely new type of personal, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. HEXA, LIFT Aircraft’s FAA Part 103 ultralight multi-rotor, amphibious, production all-electric aircraft democratizes the experience of human flight. In addition to recreation and eventual transportation, the company envisions HEXA being flown for first response and defense missions as well.

Macro-Eyes builds and deploys supply chain AI for the most complex operating environments on earth. Macro-Eyes technology optimizes the use and distribution of essential human and supply resources. The product delivers on three core pillars: forecasting demand, predicting human behavior, and predicting the state of infrastructure in real time. Core AI engines built on-device also power navigational and situational awareness technology for GPS denied and GPS vulnerable environments - delivering frontline operators to their destination with speed and precision.

Maybell Quantum's mission is to deliver the world's best tools to solve the toughest quantum challenges, offering solutions that are more accessible, reliable, and affordable while building a workforce and supply chain that advance U.S. quantum leadership. Maybell applies barely-possible technologies to improve our planet and the lives of those living on it, furthering the frontiers of human progress.

Pison is leading the charge in the next phase of human-machine interfaces – deep tech that uses the human electrical system to control robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, personal electronics, and more. Pison captures neuromuscular signals on the surface of the skin and combines them with proprietary machine learning algorithms to enable both human state monitoring and the intuitive, productive, and hands-free control of electronics.

RISE™Robotics is a technology company that has developed a completely new, fluid-free, electric alternative to hydraulic cylinders, RISE™Cylinder, for heavy equipment and machinery. RISE™Technology enables OEMs to deliver battery-electric products to their clients at diesel-hydraulic-equivalent or better performance, reliability, runtime, and cost. The key differentiator is RISE™Cylinder uses 65-90% less power than hydraulic cylinders.

Radiant is developing micro-nuclear reactors; the first portable, zero-emissions power source that works anywhere with no external infrastructure requirements. Each unit delivers over 1 Mega Watt of electricity and can operate for up to 8 years, providing enough power to support over 1,000 homes per unit. The portable design allows for rapid deployment of new units in populated areas, providing a resilient source of clean energy. Radiant's team is comprised of former Space-X engineers with deep experience in industrial controls, autonomous systems, and complex systems engineering.

Scout Space is changing the way space operations can be done by building vision-based autonomy solutions for earth and space which let systems better identify and avoid risks and failures. Techstars-backed venture with flight heritage and rapid growth; led by experts in space systems, space intelligence, and remote sensing from USAF, USSF, NGA, NRO, and industry.

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